Scott B. Lewis

2606 NE 38th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212
503-288-4356, cell: 503-756-8719,

Professional Experience

Principal, Composent, Inc., 2003-present. Provide technical expertise, mentoring, architecture, development, R&D, open and agile development process coaching, technical team leadership, and project management for enterprise software projects for EMC, Remain Software, Intel, and others. Provide technical and process consulting to multiple small and corporate clients that are using Eclipse Communication Framework.

Open Source Project Lead, Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF), October, 2004-present. Started project by creating and submitting initial open source code contribution to Eclipse Foundation. Duties as project lead include: Leading the team and broader community with architecture, design, implementation, and testing ECF APIs, release engineering, documentation, and features. Lead the communication with our developer community to improve our understanding of changing user needs, and deliver new value through our frequent releases. Coordinate with other projects and project management committee to participate in Eclipse Simultaneous Release. Provide architecture guidance, planning, code development, process innovation, documentation, project marketing, and feature leadership. Provide recruiting, mentoring, and team support for volunteer and corporate project committers. I also have been regular mentor for Google Summer of Code projects. ECF now has a large and growing open source developer community, and is used for both commercial and open source projects including micro-services development, enterprise web applications, services communication infrastructure, work-flow and communication/team collaboration applications, mobile apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Volunteer, June 2015-Jan 2016: SMART Conservation Project. Provided development on open source project dependencies (Apache Derby, Eclipse BIRT, Eclipse RCP), feature development, API consulting on Eclipse RCP infrastructure. Volunteer, Feb 2016-present: Hack Oregon. Provided development, data

Invited Researcher, OSGi Alliance Enterprise Experts Group. Jan 2014-Jan 2016. Contributed to OSGi R6 specification and reference implementation. Implemented and CT-tested ECF's implementation of OSGi Remote Services/Remote Service Admin from enterprise specification.

Senior Software Engineer, EclipseSource, Inc., September 2008-Oct 2009. Co-developed web server platform. Designed and developed server-side load-balancing. Implemented remote provisioning, distributed OSGi services, and roles and rights persistence for enterprise provisioning system.

Senior Software Engineer, BEA Systems, May 2007-May 2008. Led creation of Eclipse-based tooling for BEA Event Server, a high-performance event processing service, used for financial event processing applications. Contributed to development and maintenance of BEA Workshop product family.

Director, Eclipse Foundation, April 1, 2005-April 1, 2007. Elected committer representative to the Board of Directors

Software Architect, Cayuse, Inc., April 1, 2004-July 15, 2006. Led team development of Java-based web service for NIH/NFS research grant preparation and submission. Architected and implemented security solution for service.

Instructor, Carnegie Mellon West. 2002-2003. Contributed to course development, provided mentoring and support for student projects, delivered lectures, led project-based learning educational approach.

CTO and Technical Founder:, Oct. 1998-May 2001. ShareThis created a social networking and team collaboration service and application. I personally architected, designed and implemented the underlying communications framework forming the basis for the initial funding of the company and the ultimate creation of the product. I also led product development, technical team recruiting and mentoring, and contributed to company fund raising, marketing, executive management, and sales.

Senior Software Designer, Electric Communities, June 1997-Oct. 1998. Contributed to design and implementation of online multi-user virtual environment. Led the architecture of communications infrastructure for a distributed virtual online world.

Senior Software Engineer, Intel Architecture Labs, May 1995-June 1997. Technical lead for multi-user 3D graphical environment.

Research Scientist, Tektronix Laboratories, June 1988-June 1990 and August 1993-May 1995. Architect and co-developer of a virtual environment for engineer training. Developer of ethnographic research techniques .

Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, September, 1990-1993. Developed visual programming system for rapid development of telephone billing applications.

Technology, Community, and Team Skills

Languages: Java-expert, Python-experienced, SQL-competant, Javascript-competant, Bash-competant, Scala-familiar. Previous experience with C++/C, PHP, Prolog, Basic.

Frameworks: OSGi-expert, J2EE-experienced, REST-experienced, Android-experienced, Object-relational mapping (Hibernate, JPA, SQLAlchemy)-competent. NoSQL-experienced (Apache Cassandra). Expert in large variety of messaging and communications frameworks (JMS, AMQP, Javagroups, Jax-RS, MQTT, XMPP, Hazelcast, ECF, XMLRPC, rOSGi, others). Experienced in: Servlets, Docker, Apache Karaf, Tomcat, iPopo, Flask, Kubernetes, Node.js, jQuery, Angular, jQuery, Vaadin, Buckminster, Jenkins, among other server-side and distributed systems frameworks.

Modularity: OSGi Alliance Enterprise Experts Group member. Experience refactoring monolithic systems (web/application servers, RCP applications, tools) toward more modular architectures. Committer to Equinox (OSGi framework reference implementation). Responsible for ECF's pluggable distribution and discovery architecture.


Platforms: Linux, Window, Mac

Other Technologies: JSON, XML, XSL, HTML/HTML5, CSS

Expertise in statistics (e.g. linear regression, statistical classification and cluster analysis, manova), research methods (experimental design, data collection and analysis), expertise in psychology of judgment and decision making.

Eclipse: Proficiency with development for the Equinox OSGi runtime, Eclipse, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Eclipse Modeling Framework. Committer on ECF and Equinox projects. ECF project voted most open project for 2012. Experienced in project leadership, enterprise tooling, documentation and developer support, developer community building, open source team leadership, open development process, and continuous community engagement.

Technology Standards: Recently implemented OSGi Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications and tested with OSGi Compatibility Test Suite (CT).

Innovator in Distributed Systems, Service-oriented architecture, Modularity, and Micro-Services: Lead researcher in distributed systems, messaging framework design, micro services, collaboration and communication applications. OSGi developer

Market Driven: Excellent product-to-market vision and ability to consistently deliver with high quality on schedule. Superior responsiveness to market, community, and business constraints through regular, open communication with users and developers.

Individual and Group Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and team and community leadership skills. Excellent skills in openly communicating with other roles and stakeholders, and ability to balance and cooperatively address variety of technical and non-technical needs.


PhD. Social Psychology, University of Oregon, 1990. Graduate minor in computer science

Other Skills

Experienced Author and Presenter: Published author and conference presenter for both academic and professional conferences including CHI, EclipseCon, others. Journal reviewer. Publications list available upon request
Skilled amateur jazz musician, scuba diver, and juggler